To say those two magic words ‘I DO’ takes an intense amount of planning and preparation.
Your wedding day can take on average 150 hours of planning to achieve your every dream and desire. Let’s face it most of us have been planning our dream wedding from when we could cut out magazine pictures and make scrapbooks.

Let’s take all those details and design you a wedding worthy of every fantasy you can imagine. Your day consists of so many details that it’s easy to forget the little things, leave all the stress and confusion behind and let me do all the work for you.

I can select everything from locations, flowers, hire furniture and every vendor in between. I’m not afraid of a little D.I.Y to make any extra pieces to complete the look.
As your wedding Co-ordinator I’m there from as early as 6am until well into the wee hours of the following morning. I don’t rest until every detail is met to your every requirement, I greet guests, serve food, and pack up at the end of it all and send you on your merry way!!

Let’s get this party started so we can start making wedding day magic!!

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