Friday feels…

After a long exhausting week I decided that the best way to get some things off my chest was to put “pen to paper” so to speak. Rather than ramble on over on my Instagram page I figured I could share some of my thoughts with you here, should you choose to read them that’s amazing and if not It doesn’t bother me. This space is for me to share my life when I need too so here I am…. writing openly for you to read should you wish too.

It’s a tough gig being a mum, any mother will say this, heck every dad will tell you he knows how tough it is too. I can only imagine what it’s like for some mum’s who live 2 weeks at a time without their partners and I’m so fortunate to have mine only working 25 minutes from home. Blessed some would say… but for me I think it’s easy to take for granted.
When your children get sick I’ts all hands on deck and battle stations to the ready. Seeing our youngest experience a UTI for the first time this week gave me a huge case of the mum guilts. Did i make sure she drank enough water? did i wait to long to change her nappy? heck how do i even treat this and help her without her screaming at me!
Early morning hospital visits are not my favourite thing, it’s awful, time consuming, worrying and makes me so thankful that we are majority of the time healthy. I think about all the good ‘stuff’ we have happening in our lives, and  I can’t even begin to imagine what those families are feeling after the Manchester bombing, there is alot of hate in this world but there is also alot more love.

We can so easily forget about the little things we do everyday and just hope we can make it through to Friday. Skipping those days in between and just getting by with a cloud of fog over us, we miss out on those small moments that could have otherwise been precious. I enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with my sick little girl, the “I’m mummies girl” moments made me feel like I was doing it right, she hugged me extra tight, gave me small smiles when she could, otherwise slept peacefully knowing I was there if she needed me.

Take each day as it comes, it’s nice to have moments to look forward to but from now on it’s these days in between that I’ll treasure even more.

Enjoy your weekend with your loved ones.

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