Pumpkin Soup with Maple bacon and Pine nut crumb

Now that autumn has come into full swing finally, it’s time to bring out my favourite soup recipes! This is a true classic, the good old pumpkin soup! Yes I know everyone makes it differently and we all have our own versions. I just love this little twist on the classic soup and the maple bacon and pine nut crumb does that in spades!!

Half a kent pumpkin, peeled and chopped
6 potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 carrots, chopped
3 Litres Vegetable Stock (organic)
2 cloves of garlic
1 Tbl Spoon of Tamari Soy Sauce
Tbl Spoon of Coconut Oil
2 rashers of streaky bacon
2 Tbl Spoons of maple syrup
1 Cup of toasted pine nuts

Heat a large soup pot with coconut oil on medium heat
Add all chopped vegetables & garlic, and saute lightly.
Once slightly golden add stock and soy sauce, then reduce heat to a simmer.
Whilst the vegetables are simmering cook streaky bacon in a saucepan until crispy.
Pour over maple syrup and add pinenuts.
Once heated through finely chop the bacon and pine nuts together until its a light crumb.
Check the soup pot and once all vegetables have softened and cooked through take off the heat and use a stick blender to bring the liquid and vegetables together. There is no need to add any additional cream etc as the potatoes will thicken it, however half a cup of coconut milk would be a nice alternative.
Check the salt level and add more soy sauce if needed.

Serve your serve in a warmed bowl and garnish with bacon and pine nut crumb!

So easy, quick and simple.
This recipe is Gluten free, Egg free and Dairy free.

Let me know your thoughts and i’d love to know how you make yours!
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