Adventure play with CattyWampus

Who ever said that teepees were just that clearly had no imagination!
The creative geniuses behind Cattywampus sure know how to do adventures and fun with their products!
With a strong belief behind steering children’s imaginations with creative play, they are bound for undeniable success.

When it comes to all things ‘make believe’ you can’t go wrong with a well constructed and pre-esembled ( yeah i said it! comes already put together in the box.. fist pump) teepee.
Not only are Cattywampus designs stylish they are completely practical too. There’s a window for letting in the light… or keeping out a scary dragon! Non slip poles, fabric ties for closing and opening the dungeon doors PEEK A BOO! and even a personalized name plate so your little ones know that this very special rocket/castle/pirate ship is theirs!!

Made from 100% cotton and sturdy beech timber poles this teepee oozes quality and value for money! I can’t tell you how much fun my girls had playing in here, with room for two plus every teddy in the playroom, this 1m x 1.75m rocket ship to the moon is the perfect size for any area indoor or outdoor! No fuss pack up and easy storage makes this the perfect rainy day or outside play time activity!

With three gorgeous designs to choose from you can find a teepee that will suit any interior space! You can shop the Blush Sky teepee here!

So get your fairy wings out, dinosaur costume and the tea set and get ready for a whole bunch of fun with Cattywampus!
Make sure you follow Cattywampus on Instagram or Facebook and join in the imagination adventure.


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