Green Smoothie

When it comes to leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, drinking green juice is one of those things that always makes my stomach curl. The idea of downing a wheatgrass shot makes me want to gag!Β For those who love it.. good for you! For those like me with a weak stomach and tastebuds that crave the sweetness of fruit this ones for you!

Did I mention its super easy? Damn Straight!
Get your mixers out ladies and get ready to shake things up.

Green Smoothie

250ml Coconut water
6 slices of cucumber
Handfull of spinach leaves
1tbsp greek yoghurt
Half a mango
Half a BananaΒ 
1 Kiwi Fruit

Throw it all in a blender or one of those fancy Smoothie crushers and whiz it all together!
This makes quite a tall smoothie enough for a large mason jar so half the mix and use the rest later if you need to. Ive also found freezing this into ice cube trays is a great way to store it and add to an acai bowl.

I love to top mine with chia seeds, fresh blueberries and strawberries!
If you have any other smoothie suggestions let me know, I love to try different combinations.



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