Bali… According to Instagram

I’m sure most of you have experienced the wonder that is Bali… for those of you who haven’t I suggest putting it on your “to do list” for your next adventure.
Whilst I’m not the best traveling companion (I can feel my husband rolling his eyes already) I’ll admit that perhaps I have been somewhat judgemental about Bali.

I, like most people have visited a few times, my first trip sent culture shock waves through my system.  I had this view of the world like it was a perfect postcard. Rice fields, beautiful sculptures, local markets, culture, food…… For me it was like stepping into a one of those perfectly edited images….. Until I got off the plane. Ahhhh reality, like a big slap to the face and enough to bring you back down to earth!!

Bearing in mind my previous experiences, When my Gal pal said to me “let’s go to Bali!” how could I resist her?? The perfect opportunity for a mini Vay-cay and i was on board. (even a little bit more experienced this time! HA!) With our bags packed we set off on our little trip together for 5 days and 4 nights. To me it was the perfect amount of time to relax, shop and eat our way around Seminyak! Literally!!

Before heading off I scrolled my Instagram looking for any little shops or restaurants that we could visit during our stay…. well! I think we found the best places to eat, drink, shop and spend all of our money in, just buy looking up #bali, #seminyak #balibible. I don’t think that we would have found half the great places we did if we had not simply scrolled our insta feed! Thankyou happy travellers for sharing your adventures on insta, you made our trip so easy!

So… Here is bali according to instagram… of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, but for me these were the best places we visited and I would highly reccomend them. (not sponsored!!!!) Just an FYI.

Ok first stop…. Sister Fields!!!

If you are a lover of good coffee, delish food and the tastiest fresh juice in town… Sisterfields is your gal to go and stuff your face at!!! Smashed avo on rye! So So good, I mean lets face it who doesn’t love a good breaky!! They also do lunch, dinner and amazing cocktails. My recommendation for this place is to go early, we got in just after 8am and it was packed to the brim. You can find them here

Next stop… Cafe Organic

This place is exactly what it says it is.. organic! It’s so refreshing to find places like this on your travels, For me i’m one of those Gluten free, dairy free, life free, fun free kind a pain in your butt customers… so this place ticked all the wanker foodie boxes for me!
Fresh juice, poached eggs, acai bowls…. the list go on. We should have taken our time and stayed longer to enjoy some of the raw treats they had displayed inside.
Totally worth multiple visits. You can find Cafe Organic Here

Continuing our food Coma journey we headed to SEA CIRCUS!

This place is so super trendy, from the art outside, colourful interior and delish food this place is sure to keep you well fed and in holiday heaven.
I could not go past the dragon bowl with a side of Mister Zimi Juice! Ive never tried dragon fruit before and this was heavenly blended with frozen banana and blueberries!! spot on! Give it a try! Everything on the menu just sounds so good… you can find Sea Circus here
Plus its right next door to Mister Zimi and Body Works. RIPPER

Ok so we also ate at a few other places aswell, Motel Mexicola and Ku De Ta ( which should be renamed MAX OUT YO CREDIT CARD) Both had wonderful food and service and you mst give them a try, even if it means saving the last night for a little indulgent spending!

Ok on to the shopping, most of you would know that the streets are filled with little shops, nail salons, and the like. Whilst i’m all for a bargain I much prefer quality over quantity.
If you love gorgeous homewares I couldn’t recommend Rose Avenue enough. Upstairs is filled with lots of gorgeous kids homewares, blankets, throws, pom pom cushions, sweet little toys and furniture. You could spend hours in here just drooling over all the lovely items, its all very reasonable in price and they have such a wide range of goodies. Be warned you wont leave empty handed.

Rose Avenue

If you need a cool break and ‘I mean air conditioned with free wifi’ hop over to Seminyak Square, theres a cute little take away coffee cart with home made muffins and cakes, and lots of great little stores as well with clothing, souvenirs and more. It was a welcome break when we were trying to avoid a moment of pure heat induced annoyance looking for a 7/11!
Which reminds me just around the corner from Seminyak Square is a 7/11 and they had a legit money exchange booth and ATM. We got cash out here daily and never had any issues so keep that one in the memory bank! Life Saver!!

Hopefully I havent bored you too much and have given you just a little snippet of some wonderful spots from our stay. I’ll leave you with a few pics of our hotel (Four points Sheraton) and some happy holiday snaps too. Make sure when you travel next to tag your instagram posts, i cant tell you how helpful it was finding all these places online before leaving. It really does make for a better stay and one that is easy to navigate!



Seminyak Square and Flower bath from Body Works.

Mister Zimi!

Four Points Sheraton.

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